Wednesday, October 29, 2008

not in the mood to blog

I don't know why but I am not not not in the mood to blog lately. I have like five posts I should've done but I just don't want to. So instead I'll just tell about Stogie's near death experience the other day and catch up on the other posts another time. 

Poor Stogie saw his tiny life pass before his very eyes the other day when he nearly drown. He told me so. (He also mentioned that it was a pretty good little life and thanked me. Just joking he didn't say that last bit...) So here's what happened...
Mom and I are sitting up on the deck having lunch and the dogs (Stogie and the Wood's dog Lucy who was over for a visit) are playing in the yard below when I heard a splash like somebody had decided to go for a swim in the pool. That's not so unusual since one of the dogs is a lab and we can't hardly keep her out of the pool. Only thing is the lab is standing next to us! That only leaves Stogie and he hates going swimming! I looked down into the pool and there is Stogie bobbing around in the deep end trying to get out of the freezing water but he can't! I ran down as fast as I could and Mom went to get a towel to dry him off with. Poor little guy had this desperate look in his eyes and was terrified. I scooped him out of the water and his little body was like an ice cube. We dried him off and he kept heaving like he had swallowed water and shaking. We realized later that he was after a frog that's been living in the pool lately. Stogie had fallen in head first after the frog and was completely submerged in the water. If we had not been out there and heard him fall in he would have exhausted himself trying to get out and drowned! Probably pretty quickly too considering how cold he was when I pulled him out. Too sad! Well, ever since I saved his life he follows me everywhere and is super clingy and cuddly. It's pretty cute actually. I guess I'm kinda like Stogie's guardian angel or something ;)