Monday, September 28, 2009

Hardcore Disney Fanatics unite!

For all you Disneyland fans out there I'm adding this link to the blogs I follow. You'll see why!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Back to school, back to school, to show my dad I'm not a fool.

So maybe I'm going back to school... yet again.  Apparently I either don't think I'm useful enough as is or I just love debt.  Since I'm trying to make myself useful in a developing country I am considering becoming a Family Nurse Practitioner.  That's another two years full-time.  They make some programs that "fit with the full-time worker's schedule."  Which is really brochure talk for "You're going to hate your life for a really long time."  I'm also going to be volunteering at a place called Africa House soon.  It's an organization that helps refugees assimilate into our culture.  I'll teach the American essentials such as ordering fast food and driving while talking on a cell phone.
Also, I pitched a class idea to one of my church leaders.  Its a class teaching about third world issues (genocide, health care, trade, education, clean water, etc. ) and some things everyone can do to help.  I'd be excited to teach again, it's been a long time.  
Sarah and I also celebrated our 3 year anniversary.  We went to the beach for a night and had a great time, other than all the rain.  Cause that's why people head out to the beach, inclement weather.  It has been a fun first 3 years and I am looking forward to many more, up to the day that Sarah cashes that sweet sweet life insurance check and dries her eyes with the passing winds in her new convertible.  

Thursday, January 22, 2009


If you think this post is about to be some deep metaphor for crumbs and life- it's not. It's really just about crumbs. I just threw bread crumbs into the windowsill. And then I was inspired to blog about it. 

So I was sitting here reading blogs and eating spaghetti and a piece of bread when I noticed a not so small undesirable looking black speck on the crust. I picked it off and accidentally pulled with it a bit of crust. But where to put it? I couldn't put it in the bowl or it would contaminate my spaghetti. I couldn't throw it on my freshly vacuumed carpet. And goodness knows I wasn't going to get up to dispose of it. So I looked around and decided to toss it into the track of the window! What in the world?! I have no idea why I did that. But let's be honest, who's even gonna look in the window track and find it? Who's going to clean out that window track besides me? (Maybe Stogie because he likes to eat the dead bugs and dirt from the track.) Isn't it funny how we will do things like that when we know nobody else is even keeping track? That crust will probably biodegrade in there before I ever get around to cleaning it just like the bugs do and who is it really hurting anyways? Nobody. That's who. 

In other news, school has got me super busy and work has got Christopher super tired. That's pretty much it for us. I'll try to get around to blogging again soon but don't hold your breath ;) I only managed to vacuum up the pine needles from the tree last night even though the tree has been gone for weeks. That's how swamped I am. We also decided to adopt a plan to only use one set of dishes per person so I don't have to do the dishes anymore. How do two people manage to use every dish in the place all by themselves?! Well, no more. One dish per person. We'll see how that goes!  

Monday, December 8, 2008

Nice teeth.

I haven't got even the tiniest stroke of inspiration to blog today but it's been weighing on me so here I am. So, the biggest news in my world is that I decided to become licensed as a dental assistant. It's a nine month course available through a trade school that is about a mile from my house. I was just trying to put out feelers about it a month ago when one of the schools called me. I guess it's their thing to have you come to the campus instead of mailing you info about the program. Well, their tricky trick worked and next thing you know I was taking an assessment test and discussing financial aid. It all happened so fast! I'm kind of glad though because if I hadn't just decided to do it I would have waffled forever and not done anything at all. Well, today was the first day of school. It's only 3 1/2 hours everyday so I was out by 10:45 and had the whole rest of  the day left. The first class is a month long and is all about professional development. Kinda boring and I would  really like to just get on to the teeth part but what can you do. I've had a job or two before and kinda learned all this stuff already by trial and error but I guess I should just take it as an easy A and a nice reminder of how to be professional in the work place. So that's my big news. In nine months I will be able to get a job in a nice low key dentist office doing pleasant stress-free work and hopefully make the dentist experience more pleasant for those who are afraid to spend an hour in the "rip-out room". (as someone I know likes to call it :) 

PS This post is secretly doubling as a homework assignment. Tricky aren't I?

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

First Tag ever

Don't I feel special? I've been tagged for the first time in my blog history! Tara tagged me a few weeks ago. Only thing is that I've been avoiding posting about it because I can't think of seven random things about myself to share. So we'll see as I go along how many I can think up but it may not be all seven!...     ...     ...     ... Nope, nothing. Not even one! But I will persevere. You see my house is a mess and I'm avoiding cleaning it by blogging so I can't give up yet. Well, first I was going to avoid cleaning by watching Biggest Loser but every channel has been taken over by the election. (Seriously, everybody already knew what the outcome was going to be before we even voted so did we really need to cancel every single show to cover it?! Pardon my bitterness... I'm done now I promise:) Anywhoo, back to the point. 

Seven-ish random/interesting things about me: (Though I'm pretty sure these won't be news to anyone.)
Thing 1-
My favorite dessert is my mom's cherry pie and I usually have it for my birthday instead of cake. I almost don't like cake at all which is why we had tons of home made pies at our wedding instead of a giant wedding cake. Unfortunately, the caterer pulled a fast one and switched out the chosen fresh strawberry pie we were supposed to cut and feed each other with a gluten-free rhubarb pie! Ick. But I guess it made for a memory as we both ate our bites and thought to ourselves that it sure tasted funny. Oh well, se la vie. 

Thing 2-
I am a huge animal lover. To the point where lately I'm even having trouble eating meat. You know how sometimes you get stuck on a thought and you can't shake it? Every time I go to eat meat these days I find myself dwelling on how it came to be on my plate and can hardly eat it. Hopefully this will pass.

Thing 3-
Red is my signature color and I love love love it. I pretty much buy red accessories exclusively. My house is also predominately red in decor. It just makes me feel cheerful. I haven't bought a purse or scarf or gloves in any other color in probably ten years. 

Thing 4-
My favorite Starbucks drink is --get ready -- a decaf tall extra hot with whip toffee nut latte. Embarrassing isn't it? Takes like a half an hour to order and if anybody is making a Starbucks run I have to write it down because it's like an entire paragraph. And usually they make it non fat instead of extra hot. Not sure why but something about the sound of those two phrases gets them every time. Seriously this happens at every Starbucks I go to! But what can you do? I don't want to be that customer. So I usually drink it wrong and they never know that it tastes gross. And believe me it is gross. Tepid and watery instead of piping hot and creamy? Gross.

Thing 5-
I love being in weddings. Over the years I've played almost every female role in a wedding. Flower girl, candle lighter (whatever happened to them anyway? nobody has candle lighters anymore. probably all for the best as that job-  at least for me- came with a slightly tacky pseudo bridesmaid dress and that infamous gold flame on a 3' stick lighter thing that never works and always goes out just when you are about to reach the first candle. Yeah, it's best that the candles are all magically lit before hand these days!) I've also been a bridesmaid and that my friends is the best job yet. You get to do all the fun behind the scenes stuff and go to the rehearsal. Definitely my favorite. I haven't been a maid of honor yet but secretly I don't mind because I'm terrified of having to make a speech at the reception. 

Thing 6-
I am an America's Next Top Model fan. I'm slightly ashamed to announce it because it's such a stupid show but there you have it. I don't know why I like it so much?! Neither does my husband actually. He usually has to leave the room because he simply cannot keep himself from making snide comments the entire time and ruining it for me. I figure if he can watch hours of sports each week I can at least have my one hour show... even if it is stupid and Tyra is ridiculous. This season has reached an all time low though and I might not be back for the next one.

I've actually made it to Thing 7! 
I have never played any sort of organized sport. I think the closest I ever came was kickball in PE in elementary school. I took ice skating lessons for a few years in middle school but I'm not sure that counts! 

Alright- I hereby tag Brittany, Marta, Jen and Deirdre. I can't think of seven bloggers who might actually respond so four is all I've got. 

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

not in the mood to blog

I don't know why but I am not not not in the mood to blog lately. I have like five posts I should've done but I just don't want to. So instead I'll just tell about Stogie's near death experience the other day and catch up on the other posts another time. 

Poor Stogie saw his tiny life pass before his very eyes the other day when he nearly drown. He told me so. (He also mentioned that it was a pretty good little life and thanked me. Just joking he didn't say that last bit...) So here's what happened...
Mom and I are sitting up on the deck having lunch and the dogs (Stogie and the Wood's dog Lucy who was over for a visit) are playing in the yard below when I heard a splash like somebody had decided to go for a swim in the pool. That's not so unusual since one of the dogs is a lab and we can't hardly keep her out of the pool. Only thing is the lab is standing next to us! That only leaves Stogie and he hates going swimming! I looked down into the pool and there is Stogie bobbing around in the deep end trying to get out of the freezing water but he can't! I ran down as fast as I could and Mom went to get a towel to dry him off with. Poor little guy had this desperate look in his eyes and was terrified. I scooped him out of the water and his little body was like an ice cube. We dried him off and he kept heaving like he had swallowed water and shaking. We realized later that he was after a frog that's been living in the pool lately. Stogie had fallen in head first after the frog and was completely submerged in the water. If we had not been out there and heard him fall in he would have exhausted himself trying to get out and drowned! Probably pretty quickly too considering how cold he was when I pulled him out. Too sad! Well, ever since I saved his life he follows me everywhere and is super clingy and cuddly. It's pretty cute actually. I guess I'm kinda like Stogie's guardian angel or something ;) 

Friday, September 26, 2008


I saw this dog on Oprah yesterday. Unbelievable! She is adorable. I love the way the owner speaks to her and she listens like she really understands. People on YouTube were speculating that the owner was doing something with her hands or face because the dog always looks to her hand when she is done. After watching another video of it I realized Maggie is just looking for a treat in her hands not a signal. Also, she couldn't be doing something with her face or else the dog would only be able to count for her not other people too. Really cool. I suppose there is some explanation but I would prefer to think God made Maggie that way. He can do that if He wants to. Maybe He was just having a little fun!