Thursday, January 22, 2009


If you think this post is about to be some deep metaphor for crumbs and life- it's not. It's really just about crumbs. I just threw bread crumbs into the windowsill. And then I was inspired to blog about it. 

So I was sitting here reading blogs and eating spaghetti and a piece of bread when I noticed a not so small undesirable looking black speck on the crust. I picked it off and accidentally pulled with it a bit of crust. But where to put it? I couldn't put it in the bowl or it would contaminate my spaghetti. I couldn't throw it on my freshly vacuumed carpet. And goodness knows I wasn't going to get up to dispose of it. So I looked around and decided to toss it into the track of the window! What in the world?! I have no idea why I did that. But let's be honest, who's even gonna look in the window track and find it? Who's going to clean out that window track besides me? (Maybe Stogie because he likes to eat the dead bugs and dirt from the track.) Isn't it funny how we will do things like that when we know nobody else is even keeping track? That crust will probably biodegrade in there before I ever get around to cleaning it just like the bugs do and who is it really hurting anyways? Nobody. That's who. 

In other news, school has got me super busy and work has got Christopher super tired. That's pretty much it for us. I'll try to get around to blogging again soon but don't hold your breath ;) I only managed to vacuum up the pine needles from the tree last night even though the tree has been gone for weeks. That's how swamped I am. We also decided to adopt a plan to only use one set of dishes per person so I don't have to do the dishes anymore. How do two people manage to use every dish in the place all by themselves?! Well, no more. One dish per person. We'll see how that goes!