Tuesday, November 4, 2008

First Tag ever

Don't I feel special? I've been tagged for the first time in my blog history! Tara tagged me a few weeks ago. Only thing is that I've been avoiding posting about it because I can't think of seven random things about myself to share. So we'll see as I go along how many I can think up but it may not be all seven!...     ...     ...     ... Nope, nothing. Not even one! But I will persevere. You see my house is a mess and I'm avoiding cleaning it by blogging so I can't give up yet. Well, first I was going to avoid cleaning by watching Biggest Loser but every channel has been taken over by the election. (Seriously, everybody already knew what the outcome was going to be before we even voted so did we really need to cancel every single show to cover it?! Pardon my bitterness... I'm done now I promise:) Anywhoo, back to the point. 

Seven-ish random/interesting things about me: (Though I'm pretty sure these won't be news to anyone.)
Thing 1-
My favorite dessert is my mom's cherry pie and I usually have it for my birthday instead of cake. I almost don't like cake at all which is why we had tons of home made pies at our wedding instead of a giant wedding cake. Unfortunately, the caterer pulled a fast one and switched out the chosen fresh strawberry pie we were supposed to cut and feed each other with a gluten-free rhubarb pie! Ick. But I guess it made for a memory as we both ate our bites and thought to ourselves that it sure tasted funny. Oh well, se la vie. 

Thing 2-
I am a huge animal lover. To the point where lately I'm even having trouble eating meat. You know how sometimes you get stuck on a thought and you can't shake it? Every time I go to eat meat these days I find myself dwelling on how it came to be on my plate and can hardly eat it. Hopefully this will pass.

Thing 3-
Red is my signature color and I love love love it. I pretty much buy red accessories exclusively. My house is also predominately red in decor. It just makes me feel cheerful. I haven't bought a purse or scarf or gloves in any other color in probably ten years. 

Thing 4-
My favorite Starbucks drink is --get ready -- a decaf tall extra hot with whip toffee nut latte. Embarrassing isn't it? Takes like a half an hour to order and if anybody is making a Starbucks run I have to write it down because it's like an entire paragraph. And usually they make it non fat instead of extra hot. Not sure why but something about the sound of those two phrases gets them every time. Seriously this happens at every Starbucks I go to! But what can you do? I don't want to be that customer. So I usually drink it wrong and they never know that it tastes gross. And believe me it is gross. Tepid and watery instead of piping hot and creamy? Gross.

Thing 5-
I love being in weddings. Over the years I've played almost every female role in a wedding. Flower girl, candle lighter (whatever happened to them anyway? nobody has candle lighters anymore. probably all for the best as that job-  at least for me- came with a slightly tacky pseudo bridesmaid dress and that infamous gold flame on a 3' stick lighter thing that never works and always goes out just when you are about to reach the first candle. Yeah, it's best that the candles are all magically lit before hand these days!) I've also been a bridesmaid and that my friends is the best job yet. You get to do all the fun behind the scenes stuff and go to the rehearsal. Definitely my favorite. I haven't been a maid of honor yet but secretly I don't mind because I'm terrified of having to make a speech at the reception. 

Thing 6-
I am an America's Next Top Model fan. I'm slightly ashamed to announce it because it's such a stupid show but there you have it. I don't know why I like it so much?! Neither does my husband actually. He usually has to leave the room because he simply cannot keep himself from making snide comments the entire time and ruining it for me. I figure if he can watch hours of sports each week I can at least have my one hour show... even if it is stupid and Tyra is ridiculous. This season has reached an all time low though and I might not be back for the next one.

I've actually made it to Thing 7! 
I have never played any sort of organized sport. I think the closest I ever came was kickball in PE in elementary school. I took ice skating lessons for a few years in middle school but I'm not sure that counts! 

Alright- I hereby tag Brittany, Marta, Jen and Deirdre. I can't think of seven bloggers who might actually respond so four is all I've got. 


Eric and Tara said...

Who knew we were twins?? (well, in a few ways)
1. I am a lover of and always order a decaf tall toffee nut late! But I get mine with soy and no whip and not too hot cause I am a weeny and burn easily. :)
2. I am a secret lover of ANTM! And I too this tyra is a tard. (can you say tard these days? I don't htink so, but she is one) Have you ever watched her talk show? Ugh. Don't do it, it will be a waste of 30 minutes.

Melissa said...

I'll give you 7 weird facts about yourself!! This is written with love just remember!

1. You don't eat eggs. No matter what way they Are cooked or hidden!

2. You cut everything off any price of meat. Tilt you maybe have 3" left.

3. You don't phone anyone, just texting.

4. (I don't know if you still do this, since I don't live with ya anymore..) but you take over an hour to get ready in the morning.

5. You don't like cake!!! Yeah, that should have been on your weird list!!

6. In the summer, it can be 90+ degrees out, and you still won't turn the AC on in the car!! Even when there is a guess passenger.

And #7 you still seem to think that you can get a darker tan then me. ;o)

Well there you go!!! Love ya!!

Marta said...

So, several things of ours are the same! I too LOVE red and have to force myself to buy things that are other colors. I've never played any organzied sport and I secretly watch Top Model as well. How funny! I usually don't respond too much when tagged because there are always a lot of rules... but this one doesn't have any rules. So I think I'll do it!

Hope you are doing well!

deirdre said...


it's cool that you tagged me. i'm not totally sure what it means but next time i'm not frantically sparknoting less than an hour before class i will be sure to figure it out.

the puppy elect is the PUPPY that obama promised his daughters in his acceptance speech! i hope he lets us vote on that too!!!

brittany_leverett said...

LOL...It was very interesting to read all those "weird" things about you...I too was SO annoyed when I went back through my DVR'd events and they were all election crap...we all knew this day would eventually come...I didn't need ALL the channels talking and talking AND TALKING about it, lol! Anyway, I will eventually get this done! I hope you guys are doing well and give us a call (or text ;o) sometime! :o)