Friday, September 26, 2008


I saw this dog on Oprah yesterday. Unbelievable! She is adorable. I love the way the owner speaks to her and she listens like she really understands. People on YouTube were speculating that the owner was doing something with her hands or face because the dog always looks to her hand when she is done. After watching another video of it I realized Maggie is just looking for a treat in her hands not a signal. Also, she couldn't be doing something with her face or else the dog would only be able to count for her not other people too. Really cool. I suppose there is some explanation but I would prefer to think God made Maggie that way. He can do that if He wants to. Maybe He was just having a little fun!


Just us 3 said...

Sarah! It's been a long time! I see you are married?! Uh, how's life?

I found your blog through Jen's blog. Crazy. Look at mine if you want,

I need to update it, it's been a while, but i'll get around to it soon enough.

Talk to you soon.

Marta said...

That was just unbelievable! I loved that whole episode about dogs. Too cute!

deirdre said...

LOVE your new haircut!!!

about the circus animals:
1. the economy! fuel and supplies are too expensive. 2. my friend jordan emailed me about it.

ps - you have to ask jordan! but for real though, i don't totally remember, although i'm pretty sure there is a camel, a rhino and a pig. maybe i will put some in the microwave and find out!!!